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posted 06.05.2018

Hello beauty lovers!
Suffering from frizzy hair? Have you tried almost all the products out there and still no luck? Let's get down to the details as to why you might have frizzy hair and what you can do to prevent it.

  1. Sulfates.  If you are using a shampoo/conditioner brand with sulfates in them, there is a high probability that it is drying out your hair and making it frizzy. Read more on sulfates  here .
  2. Shampooing too often.  Even if you are using a shampoo without any sulfates, it is still not completely hydrating for your hair. The surfactants in the shampoo help get rid of the oils/sebum produced by your scalp, leaving almost no moisture for your hair. Which is also why more people are beginning to skip a day and keep their "2nd day" hair. And for a bit less of a greasy look, spritz some dry shampoo for a quick but less harsh oil absorbent.
  3. Do not skip conditioner.  Whether you are going to be using a deep conditioning masque or just a regular conditioner, do not skip it. The point of a conditioner is to lock in the moisture and have a layer protecting your hair strands. Just make sure to stay away from your roots if you feel like your hair is weighing you down.
  4. Brushing your hair with your hands.  Although you would think this can help your hair, it actually bothers the cuticles of your hair and can end up making it frizzier than before! So do not constantly touch your hair.
  5. Types of brushes.  Try to stay away from any artificial bristle and switch them out for natural bristles like boar bristle. The stiffness from the artificial bristles may damage your hair and tear them, making them frizzier. While the natural bristles are more flexible, actually helping your hair stay together and smooth it out.
  6. Hair oils and serums.  Many people overlook these products and actually don't find the need for them. Wrong! Hair oils and deep treatments actually help so much in keeping your hair hydrated and even protects it from humidity which causes major frizzing. 
  7. Hairspray it down.  If you've done everything and you are ready to go out but still have a few fly-aways and frizziness, you can quickly put them back down with some hairspray. Just spray your hair and flatten it with your hands or a natural bristle brush.

Hope these couple tricks can help you figure out your frizzy hair problems. Keep your hair healthy and strong, it's the only one you'll ever have!

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