5 reasons your hair may get greasy so quickly

posted 04.02.2020

Just like makeup, there is no right answer that will fit everyone in terms of how you should care for your hair. Hair care is not one size fits all, and what one blog or magazine may say is best for one person may not be best for you. No one likes feeling weighed down by greasy or oily hair, and although the temptation to wash it can be hard, sometimes washing your hair more often can even be the cause of your greasy hair in the first place. Check below for one of the four biggest reasons why you could be finding that your hair is greasier than you’d like it to be. 


In the same way that charcoal helps to clean the inside of your body and your teeth, it can help with your hair. Activated charcoal helps detoxify your hair and scalp by providing a deep clean and combating dirt, toxins, and oil to leave your hair feeling clean and healthy. Think about activated charcoal as a reset button, and using it in hair products helps to reset your scalp health. Our activated charcoal shampoo is clarifying, helping to combat natural oils and remove any dirt that may be hiding deep within your hair or caked into your scalp. What results is clean, soft hair that feels healthy and is able to breathe.


If you frequently use styling products, dry shampoos, or any other product outside of a regular shampoo and conditioner, you may run into an issue with product build up in your hair. This will cause the scalp to feel itchy and make your hair look weighed down. To avoid this issue, it is important to use a clarifying hair products such as our Charcoal Detox Series. It will remove all build up and give you a fresh start. Clarifying shampoos are more effective in removing everything without being overly drying to restore your hair into a soft and lightweight state.


Like we said before, genetics can play a huge role in how your hair and scalp respond to different elements. You could live in a dry climate and still find that your hair is greasy more often than you would like, or you could live in a humid environment and still feel that things are out of the ordinary anyway. Your genetics do play a role in your hair and scalp health in the same way that they play a role in your hair type in general.


Surprise surprise, did you know that washing your hair too much can actually make your hair appear more oily and greasy than it would if you washed it less? When you wash your hair it triggers your body to create more natural oil to combat the dryness that comes from ridding your hair of its natural oil that was already there. As you adjust to washing your hair less often, your hair will adjust accordingly. If you fear that your hair will look greasy if you start cutting back on your shampoo sessions, just tough it out for a couple of weeks and we guarantee that it will get better with time.


Just like the rest of your body, things are rarely the same all of the time. For women, especially, fluctuating hormones can create changes in your hair, skin, and nails that can make your hair look and feel more greasy or less greasy depending on the time of the month. Additionally, hormone imbalances caused by environment, diet, or medications can also be reflected in your hair. If your hair feels more greasy than usual without a change in any other aspect of your life, it could be a side effect of your lifestyle, health, or a reaction to a medication you’re taking.




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