What is charcoal shampoo used for

posted 03.11.2020

Charcoal has been popular as a beauty product for quite some time now. Whether it be used in toothpaste to increase whitening effects in the products or in supplements to help detox the body and release toxins from organs like the liver, the benefits of charcoal seem to have no end. But what about in hair? Charcoal shampoo is increasing in popularity as charcoal becomes a household ingredient, but many people don’t know all of the ways in which charcoal can help their hair when in shampoo. 


In the same way that charcoal helps to clean the inside of your body and your teeth, it can help with your hair. Activated charcoal helps detoxify your hair and scalp by providing a deep clean and combating dirt, toxins, and oil to leave your hair feeling clean and healthy. Think about activated charcoal as a reset button, and using it in hair products helps to reset your scalp health. Our activated charcoal shampoo is clarifying, helping to combat natural oils and remove any dirt that may be hiding deep within your hair or caked into your scalp. What results is clean, soft hair that feels healthy and is able to breathe.


Even if you don’t think your scalp needs any special attention, it could never hurt. Using products with ingredients like activated charcoal can help boost your scalp health. If you suffer from an itchy or dry scalp or notice that you have an increasing amount of dandruff these days, use products like charcoal shampoo to help combat that and give your scalp some time to breathe. The activated charcoal in charcoal shampoo acts as a detoxifying agent, helping to combat toxins and fungal infections that cause problems like dandruff in the first place and neutralize your skin to let it heal on its own.


As your scalp gets the opportunity to heal and get healthy with the help of activated charcoal shampoo, it will eventually boost hair growth. Your scalp cannot grow hair if it is not healthy, so focusing on your scalp health as well as your hair health will help your hair grow longer, faster. As activated charcoal shampoo helps to cleanse and remove impurities from your scalp, as well as removing excess oil and sebum caused by your body, it will help boost your hair growth and create healthy, strong hair.


At the very least, activated charcoal is a fantastic ingredient in hair products like shampoos because it helps to remove excess dirt, oil, and sebum from your hair to leave you with soft, shiny, oil-free hair that feels clean and fresh. Plus, it doesn’t dry your hair out or strip it of its natural oils to the extent that many other clarifying ingredients might. As a result, your hair might feel lighter overall—and anyone who suffers from headaches caused by the weight of their own hair knows how important that is to your day to day life.

Luseta Beauty’s activated charcoal collection helps to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities from the hair and scalp without drying or causing problems from over-cleaning. What results is clean, shiny, bouncy hair and a healthy scalp that can improve overall circulation and hair growth.









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