6 ways to get natural looking curly hair without heat styling tools

posted 01.05.2020

It’s no secret that beautiful, bouncy curls are always going to be a mega-popular hairstyle. Nailing a good curly look is a great way to show-off healthy, lustrous hair—but it often comes at a price. If you’re like many, and were born with straight hair that lacks a lot of body, creating a lush, curly look can take a lot of time. As if time isn’t the only issue, heat styling curling irons and other tools will undoubtedly cause a lot of damage to your locks if done every day. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways to get specific curly looks without having to fry your hair on a curling iron. Pop a little bit of Luseta Beauty’s new curl creme into your hair and pick one of the curl styles below. 


French and boxer braids are among some of the most popular hairstyles today. The clean, put together style is perfect for active days out and looks a lot more polished than a simple ponytail. What braids are also good for, though, is creating loose, natural looking waves with little effort and zero styling tools. 

When your hair is wet, simply style it into tight french or boxer braids and let it dry. Add some curl creme into your hair before you braid it to add volume and hold throughout the day. Once your hair is dry, remove the braids and adjust the curls to your liking. This is a great way to wake up to beautiful, natural looking waves if you braid your hair before going to bed. 


Scrunching curls into your hair while it’s still damp will easily add volume and light waves to your hair without having to put in much work. This is a great way to add volume in between washes or create a styled look without touching heat tools. Letting your hair air dry will give it a much needed break from heat styling tools and hair dryers, which in turn will save your hair from unwanted breakage and heat damage. 

To maintain all day hold by scrunching curls into your hair while it’s still damp, add a coin sized amount of Luseta Beauty’s curl creme to your hair before you style it. The creme will help your hair maintain its curl while adding volume to each individual strand. It will also protect against frizz throughout the day, making it perfect for hair that’s naturally curly to begin with. 


Long before heat styling tools existed to create curled hair looks, pin curls were the best way to get a head full of curly hair. Pin curls are still popular today, and are the key to creating polished looking curly hair without heat. Many heat styling tools are available to mimic the look with less effort, but the lasting effects of heat tools make them an easy answer with potential negative side effects. 

To create pin curls (which are also called finger curls) wrap a lock of damp hair around your finger and pin it to your scalp in the curl shape. Let your hair air dry before removing the bobby pins. Once it’s dry, it will maintain the shape of the curl throughout the day. Simply spray some hair spray into your hair to provide extra hold and enjoy a full head of curls throughout the day. 


It may not be ideal, but using velcro rollers are one of the best ways to get curly hair without heat tools. Using velcro rollers gives you the freedom to choose what kind of curls you want to have based on what size of roller you use. Larger rollers will create bigger, fuller waves that add volume and depth to your hair. Meanwhile, small rollers will create tighter curls that add lots of volume to the hair. 


Twisting your hair into bantu knots is one of the best and easiest ways to get a full head of curly hair without having to expose your hair to heat damaging styling tools. To create a Bantu knot, separate your hair into small sections and twist each section into individual bun twists while it’s still damp. 

Once your hair has dried out, remove the knots and let the curls fall, secure the curls and volume in place by scrunching a dollop of curl creme into it to create a lasting hold throughout the day. To create tighter curls, twist smaller Bantu knots. To create larger curls and waves, create larger Bantu knots or simply make two buns on each side of the head by twisting half of your hair into one and the other half into another. 


To make loose waves that give your hair a blow-out look without using heat styling tools, twist your hair into a sock bun or around the bottom of a wraparound headband while it’s damp. Start by adding a coin-sized amount of curl creme into damp hair and then twist the hair, starting at the ends, into a sock bun or headband. 

To create a sock bun, cut the toe of an ankle sock off to create a tube of fabric. Brush your hair into a ponytail—low or high, depending on where you want the curls to start—and put the hair through the sock. Take the sock to the end of your hair and begin rolling it down, wrapping your hair around the sock as you go. The finished product should hide the sock and create a polished, ballet bun style look. Once your hair dries in the bun or around the headband, take it out to reveal lush waves. 









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