How to protect your ends while growing out your hair

posted 06.25.2019

Growing out your hair always seems like a great idea until one day you realize that all you have managed to do is create a few inches of split ends that thin out and make your hair look unhealthy and thin. Despite what you may think, there are right and wrong ways to grow your hair out. Getting long hair may not be hard, but it does require paying attention to the condition of your hair and—surprise—getting a trim every now and then. Of course there are products that will help make things a lot easier on you and your hair. Below we’ve listed some of our best tips on how to protect your hair while you grow it out, so that when it does get long it looks healthy and full.


When growing your hair out you may have to switch the products that you use regularly for something that will provide a lot of extra nourishment and moisture. Swapping out your regular shampoo and conditioner, for example, can mean a world of a difference in how quickly your hair grows and whether or not it will maintain its health once it starts to get longer. Try the Biotin & Collagen Bundle from Luseta Beauty or the Keratin Smooth Bundle to reinforce your hair as it gets longer.

Unfortunately, the only way to nourish your hair once it’s out of your scalp is with products. Your ends are often in the worst condition as they’ve been growing the longest. Serums are another great way to help your hair stay properly hydrated as it grows. Use products with ingredients like Argan oil, biotin, or collagen to reinforce your hair. Luseta beauty makes a great Biotin & Collagen serum to help keep hair strong.

Other products that can help make growing your hair out a positive experience are conditioning treatments. After you shampoo your hair, massage a hair mask into your hair and leave it on for ten or fifteen minutes before washing it out. We have a couple of hair masks at Luseta Beauty that can give your hair a boost of nourishment and hydration to help repair damaged strands. Check out the Biotin & Collagen strengthening hair mask.


Yes, like we said before, the key to growing your hair out is actually cutting it—who knew! We’ve heard a couple of rumors over the years that trimming your ends will actually make your hair grow faster. While this is not true, it will help your hair stay healthy as it grows, making it appear thicker as it gets longer.

Many people notice that their ends start to thin out, making their hair appear thinner than they want it to. This is because hair that grows out without getting trimmed regularly is prone to damage from split ends. When the ends of your hair split, they make the hair appear thinner. Trimming your split ends off will prevent them from traveling up the hair strand and making your hair thin out further up your head.


Since your hair is made up of leftover vitamins that are in your body, it’s important to be eating healthy and taking the right supplements if you want to see better, faster growth. There are dozens of vitamins and supplements out there that promise to make your hair grow longer, but look for products that include things like biotin and collagen, since those are the proteins that make up your hair in the first place.

This would also be a good time to start eating healthy, since the food you put into your body can greatly improve your hair’s growth and overall luster. Check out our blog post on superfoods that are great for your hair for more specific suggestions on what types of foods are best for hair growth, health, and shine.









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