What is perfect bonding shampoo and what are its benefits

posted 07.16.2019

Have you ever tried to brush through your hair in the morning only to realize that it’s just a little bit too damaged? Sometimes this means that it’s particularly susceptible to tangles and knots, other times it just feels a bit too dry for comfort. Odds are this is because your hair has been over-exposed to things like heat styling tools and chemical hair products. So what do you do? Are you supposed to just stop styling or coloring your hair altogether? Fortunately not, though you should keep it to a minimum by maintaining your color properly in order to avoid doing it too much and only use heat styling tools when necessary.

For anyone that wants to avoid having to stop coloring or styling their hair altogether (because really, that’s just not realistic), there’s perfect bonding shampoo & conditioner from Luseta Beauty. The products are specially designed to recreate the bonds between broken pieces of hair and restore them to their previously nourished state. In the same way that you would use a deep conditioning treatment to help your hair feel a little bit softer and healthier, bonding treatments work to scientifically restore and repair even the most damaged and dry hair, making it feel softer, healthier, and more manageable.


Originally created for color-treated hair that can suffer immense damage (from bleaching, for example), bonding treatments are made with proteins that will reform the disulfide bonds that each strand of hair is made up of. These bonds work by fixing parts of the hair that may be damaged from things like color treatment or long-term exposure to heat styling tools. Previously, these treatments were only found in the salon, but recently they’ve been popping up more often in at-home products and treatments.

With any color-treated hair, we recommend shampooing only a handful of times per week in order to maintain color and avoid having to color your hair too often. The more you wash your hair, particularly with lighter colors, the more susceptible your hair color is to being stripped away. With blondes—particularly blondes that have bleached their hair in order to achieve their color, exposure to shampoo and water can change the chemical makeup of the color and give it a brassy tone. In other hair colors (particularly with exotic colors like pink or blue) shampooing more than three times per week will simply wash the color out.

When you do wash your hair, substitute your regular shampoo and conditioner with Luseta Beauty’s Perfect Bonding collection to help restore it to its former health and luster. Damaged hair will feel dry and brittle, often tangling and making brushing harder to deal with. A few uses of bonding shampoo and conditioner will help restore your hair and make it easier to deal with and more lustrous while protecting against further breakage and damage.


We recommend switching out your normal shampoo and conditioner once per week with Luseta Beauty’s Perfect Bonding Bundle. Gently massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp and leave it in for a few minutes before washing it out. Then, massage the conditioner into your hair, giving it time to soak in before rinsing, and rinse completely. Using the two together will help strengthen and repair hair that’s sustained damage from coloring and heat styling tools.

While the Perfect Bonding bundle will not repair breakage like split ends, it will repair dry and otherwise damaged hair from sustaining even more damage. Combine bonding treatments with regular trims to maintain the best hair health.









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