How to get beauty beach waves like celebs

posted 10.05.2018

Beach waves are a stylish hair trend that you may be seeing everywhere from the beach to the boardroom. Celebs have recently been rocking beach waves on the red carpet, too.

This is a great hair style that looks great on all hair textures. You can add beach waves to straight hair for added texture and style. You can also rock beach waves on curly or wavy hair to accentuate its texture.

So, how do you manage to achieve this style? There are a couple of different ways.

Overnight Method

One way that you can achieve the beach wave hair style is to style your hair overnight. You can create this look by starting one wet or dry hair. But, wet hair may take a while to dry so it’s best to work with dry or only slightly damp hair.

For this first method, you will section your into sections depending on the size that you want your hair waves to be. For big, fluffy hair, you will make larger sections. For more defined waves, you will take smaller sections.

Organize each section by separating your hair with hair clips or hair ties. Then, working one section at a time, gently use a comb or brush to detangle your hair. Take the detangled sections, apply a bit of styler to each section, and then braid the section. Braid down as far as you can, then secure that section with a hair tie.

You can use a scarf or hair bonnet to cover your hair overnight. In the morning, undo the braids and fluff your hair. Like magic, you will have beautiful beach waves. Use hair spray to preserve your beach waves. You can rebraid each night, or just fluff and go for bigger hair.

Curling Wand Method

Another way that you can achieve the beach wave hair style is to use a curling wand. For this method, you will again section your dry hair into sections. This time, you will detangle your hair gently and instead of applying a styler, you can apply a heat protectant spray.

Next, wrap each small section around the barrel of the curling wand. Let the curl set for a few seconds, then release it from the curling wand, gently letting the curl sit in your hand to cool. Once it has cooled and the curl is completely set, you can release it.

You can use your fingertips to gently separate the curls to make beautiful beach waves. Just as before, you can use hair spray to help the beach wave style last.

Styling Your Hair

One great thing about this style is that it can be worn as-is, or you can use it to create other styles. You can pin the beach waves up for a messy bun or up do. You can wear the style half-up or half-down, or you can pull your hair up into a high ponytail for a fun look.

This celebrity-inspired hair style is a great way to try a new look. How will you wear your waves?


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