How to get beautiful, big, voluminous hair

posted 08.27.2018

Are you tired of hair that’s flat and lifeless? Well, you don’t have to have flat hair anymore. You can achieve beautiful, voluminous hair in a few simple steps.

After you cleanse and condition your hair, you can add volume to it by using a round brush and a blow dryer to add volume and curls to naturally straight hair. For curly hair, you can avoid flat curls by defining your curls with a light curly gel before blowdrying it with a diffuser. The diffuser can help to add volume without blowing your curls out straight.

After you initially wash and condition your hair, it can fall flat again. It’s a pain to have to rewash, condition, and blowdry your hair all over again just to achieve big hair. To maintain voluminous hair and avoid having to wash and blowdry it all over again, you need to use the right products.

Some styling products that are formulated to condition and style your hair will actually weigh your hair down. You want to select products that are especially formulated for adding volume to your hair.

In between washings is when you may notice that your hair is especially flat. But, it’s easy to add volume back to your hair. One product that helps you add volume to limp hair is Luseta Beauty’s Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo. It helps to refresh and revive your hair without water, and best of all, it also adds volume and life back to your hair.

To use the dry shampoo, simply shake the can, then spray it a few inches away from your scalp. You can use your fingertips and a brush to distribute the product through your hair. Your hair will be refreshed, as the fine starches in the dry shampoo soak up excess oil and add a pleasant scent to your hair.

After using Luseta Beauty’s Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo, you will instantly notice that your hair has more body and texture and is no longer lifeless. Best of all, you can follow your application of the dry shampoo with a dry conditioner.

Some dry conditioners weigh your hair right back down. But, Luseta Beauty’s Dry Conditioning Spray will condition your hair and leave it smooth and soft while still reviving the volume and fullness of your strands. After you use the dry shampoo, you can follow with this weightless dry conditioner to completely refresh your hair. 

With the help of the right volumizing dry shampoo and conditioner, you will immediately notice that your hair is fuller, with much more body. To maintain the fullness and volume, be sure to avoid adding heavy styling product to your hair.

Avoid heavy pomades, gels, and oils that can weigh your hair back down. Any time you need to refresh your hair, just pull out your dry shampoo and dry conditioner. Each of these products conveniently help you soak up excess product and revive your hair on the go, whether you are traveling, working out, or just short on time.


Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo (Lemon Verbena)


Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo (Lavender)


Dry Conditioner Spray



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