5 fabulous winter hair trends

posted 10.10.2018

The winter is fast approaching and it’s time to switch up your hairstyle to stay on trend for winter! With the memories of summer/fall behind us, now is the best time to change your style with the changing season. Here are 5 fabulous winter hair trends to keep you in style and your hair looking great.

Center Part

The off-center part has been a look for years, but now the center part is making a comeback. For this fall, long and short hairstyles are accented by a center part, which helps to highlight your facial features. This look is well paired with an edge, even-cut bob, and super-straight hair for an ultra-sleek look. Curly hair will look even more voluminous and full when hair is work with a center part.

Sleek Ponytails

Another look that’s on trend is the sleek ponytail look. This look is a great, low-maintenance look that can take you from the gym to cocktail hour. To achieve the sleep ponytail look, us a boar-bristled brush to smooth your hair back, and a light gel or cream to tame any fly-away hairs. You can also pair this with a center part. Pull your hair back into a low bun and use a damage-free hair tie to achieve this look.

Messy Bun

The messy bun look is a versatile look that’s great for shopping trips and weekend getaways. It can be work in a high bun or in a low bun, depending on your mood. This is another versatile look that can easily be achieved by pulling your hair into a bun, and letting a few tendrils be loose from the bun. This is also a great look for curly hair, where you can show off the texture of your hair.

Hair Clips

Who would have thought that hair clips would make a comeback? Your favorite child hood hair accessory is back with a bang for fall. You can pull your hair up and away from your neck into a hair clip. Hair clips can be classy bejeweled clips, or simply plastic ones. You can change up your look depending on your mood. This is another hair trend that allows you to show off the texture of your hair.

Pops of Color

Instead of dying your whole head of hair a new color, you can add a pop of color to your hair instead! This trend is a variation of the ombre hair color trend; instead of just adding color to the ends of your hair, you can add color to your bangs, or anywhere throughout your hair that would highlight your features. You can even use a hair color spray for a temporary pop of color on a night out on the town. Many temporary hair color sprays allow you to wash the color right out the next day.

Mix & Match

You can mix and match many of these hair trends to achieve your own unique hair look and stand out in the crowd. How will you with up your look for fall?


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