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Double Sided Shower Cap

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Luseta Double Sided Shower Cap is a must-have for your hair care routine, this dual-sided shower cap will satisfy any of your hair needs. This reversible design features a waterproof, durable, and lightweight nylon on one side, as well as a soft, plush terry cloth on the other. With the nylon on the inside, the cap is perfect for retaining heat during hair masks and treatments. When flipped, the cap will keep your hair dry during a shower, while the terry cloth helps you maintain a perfect no-frizz silhouette.

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  • Reusable dual-sided shower cap
  • Waterproof, durable, and lightweight nylon on one side
  • Help retain heat during hair masks and treatments
  • Keep your hair dry during a shower on one side
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Double-Sided Shower Cap: Use the nylon on the outside for use as a traditional shower cap to keep the hair dry while showering or bathing. Use the terry cloth on the outside to retain heat and moisture during treatment or masks.





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