Beautiful balayage ideas for fall/winter 2018

posted 08.22.2018

Looking for great Balayage hair colors? Whether you prefer platinum blonde, golden hues or something in between, there are lots of options to choose from. 

Here we will take a look at a few different options to update your summer color. These are just a snippet of what is possible, so ask your stylist what would be the best option for you.

Bright Blonde Balayage

The first technique starts with a slightly warm shadow root, which means darker from the scalp area, that melts into the blonde on the shaft and ends. On this client we see lots of bright blonde, which beautifully compliments the darker root area. This is a low maintenance way to have very blonde hair. There’s no hard root line with which to keep up with. With regular trims, this color could take you all the way to Fall!

Soft Subtle Balaygae

Our next color example shows a darker shadow root, melting into softer, and a bit warmer, blonde tones. This color technique is perfect for darker hair, since it leaves much of the natural tone and softly introduces the lighter tones. This is also very low maintenance since there won’t be a hard line of demarcation as her hair grows. One of the   things darker haired clients often don’t like about highlighting is the demand of maintenance. This option really eliminates the need to be in the salon every month. Make sure to have regular trims to keep hair healthy.

Gorgeous Long Haired Balayage

This color example shows a naturally darker root area that blends into buttery soft golden blonde. This is a great option for longer haired clients who want to have lots of blonde without crazy maintenance. As you can see, the color has caramel tones that transition into the lighter blonde tones. This is a perfect technique for looking sun kissed this summer. This also makes it easy to transition into a bit darker tones when fall arrives.

Luscious Copper Balayage

Did you know that Balayage doesn’t have to be blonde? Here is a great example of a Balayage color that is a beautiful shade of copper. Natural darker tones are left in place near the root area, and copper pieces are painted in for a soft yet noticeable pop of color. This is ideal if you’d like to have some color accents, but don’t want to be blonde.

As you can see, the Balayage technique is very customized for your hair and maintenance needs. It can be bold or subtle, and be virtually any color you’d like it to be. Even though the color is low maintenance, don’t neglect to keep hair trimmed regularly, it’s one of the best ways to keep damage at bay. Also stock up on the right products to keep color looking fabulous. Your hair will thank you!


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